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CDBCC sprinters fare well at Mississauga Home Regatta


The team of Brian Saunderson, Nancy Moorcroft, Alex Filipev, John Carswell and Mark Shouldice placed fifth out of six teams competing for the burgee at this past weekend's Mississauga Canoe Club home regatta.
Shouldice won bronze in the Masters men K-1 division, and Moorcroft earned silver in the Masters women K-2 division.
Filipev and Saunderson were fifth in the Masters men K-2 division, and Saunderson and Carswell were fifth in the Masters men C-2 division.
Saunderson and Filipev also competed in the Masters men K-1 event, and Saunderson and Carswell took part in the Masters men C-1 division; Saunderson was sixth in that division.
Moorcroft also placed eighth out of 18 paddlers in the Masters women K-1 division.