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Thursdays of Thunder - 2009 champions and runners-up

Thursdays of Thunderscoop1968

On Thursday, the winners of the 2009 Thursdays of Thunder Masters sprint paddling series were recognized.
Men's OC-1
1st: Brian Saunderson
2nd: Ian Whitton
3rd: Doug Linton

Women's OC-1
1st: Christine Linton
2nd: Leslie Whitton
3rd: Kelly Dory

Men's K-1
1st: Mark Shouldice
2nd: Brian Saunderson
3rd: Ian Whitton

Women's K-1
1st: Kelly Dory
2nd: Christine Linton
3rd: Leslie Whitton

Men's C-1
1st: Brian Saunderson
2nd: Doug Linton
3rd: John Carswell