Collingwood Dragon Boat and Canoe Club

It's All About Character!

CDBCC members represent at Mississauga regatta


Four members of the Collingwood Dragon Boat & Canoe Club headed to Mississauga on Saturday for MCC's annual Home Regatta.
Scoop, Commodore Brian and J.C. took part in C-1 races (only J.C. stayed dry!), and Nancy Moorcroft took to the water in the K-1; she also lept in the K-2 with a member of the West Rouge team.
Brian and J.C. also hopped in the C-2 - but were late to the starting line and ended up paddling about 300 metres rather than just the 200-metre course. In the K-2, Brian and Bill Trayling did make it to the start line (just in time!), and were able to cross the finish line mostly dry!
All-in-all the four say it was an excellent experience, and gave some insight for when the club runs its own regatta on Aug. 22.