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Harbourlands Proposal - message from the Commodore


As many of you know, the Harbourlands Committee is asking Council to approve a harbourlands development plan that calls for a marina with 175 transient berths to be installed in the south end of the harbour in three phases.
Part of the first phase includes a gas and sewage pump out facility which will be just south of the public launch ramps. The cumulative traffic from the development plus the installation of breakwalls will, in all likelihood, effectively end all small boat paddling in the harbour. Moreover, while the plan allows for paddling activities, it has designated a 500-metre course which starts just to the west of the Club's docks and ends north of Millenium Park and well beyond the end of the spit. This is well outside the protected waters of the harbour necessary for small boats and, as the Sidelaunchers learned Sunday night, can often be too exposed for dragon boating.
The Club has made its position known to the Harbourlands Committee through our Committee representative, Scoop (Ian Adams) and written submissions. However, the Committee still believes a big marina operation is the best use of Collingwood's historic harbourlands.
This is a watershed in our development and our future. For our new members, this Club was incorporated in 2003 and started with the donation of the BuK dragon boat that year. In five short years, we have acquired the historic Watts Boathouse, which we moved and restored at a cost of over $75,000. We have a fleet of sprint and recreational boats, paddles and PFDs through ongoing fundraising efforts and generous donations with a total value of approximately $50,000.
All of this hard work is now at risk.
We need to act now and voice our objections to the marina development. There is a public open house this Wednesday, June 3, in the Council Chambers from 4 until 8 p.m. If you would like to view the Harbourlands Plan, it is online at I am asking that all our members please take the time to attend the open house and voice your objection to the current proposal. The Club through the Board will be filing written comments and expects to make an oral deputation to Council before it votes on the proposal which is anticipated to happen in July.
This is an issue that should concern all of Collingwood's residents and I would ask all of you to spread the word. Bring a friend on Wednesday to make sure the Town knows what residents think of the proposed harbourlands development. If anyone has suggestions for mounting a public campaign please let me know.
Your support is appreciated.
Brian Saunderson