Collingwood Dragon Boat and Canoe Club

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2016 CDBCC Club Champions

Awards, Thursdays of Thunderscoop1968

The 2016 Collingwood Dragon Boat and Canoe Club championships were held Aug. 28, 2016. U11 Boys K-1: Adam Jonsson, 38.87; Jack Bailey, DNF

U11 Boys OC-1: Adam Jonsson, 59.41; Jack Bailey, 1:10.91

U11 Boys K-2: Adam Jonsson & Jack Bailey, 42.40

U13 Boys K-1: Noah Jonsson, 34.18; Aidan McNeil, 35.62; Adam Jonsson, 38.97

U13 Girls K-1: Kai Bailey, 45.75

U13 Boys K-2: Noah Jonsson & Aidan McNeil, 34.54

U13 Boys OC-1: Aidan McNeil, 1:06.28; Noah Jonsson, DQ

U13 Boys C-1: Noah Jonsson, 56.56; Aidan McNeil, 1:26.75

U15 Boys K-1: Sam Martin-Chase, 31.40; Adam Bailey, 35.06

U15 Girls K-1: Nadine Oliynyk, 33.16

U15 Boys OC-1: Sam Martin-Chase, 50.37; Adam Bailey, 53.91

U15 Girls OC-1: Nadine Oliynyk, 44.41

U15 Boys K-2: Adam Bailey & Sam Martin-Chase, 35.53

U15 Girls K-2: Nadine Oliynyk & Kai Bailey, 35.47

U15 Boys C-2: Noah Jonsson & Adam Jonsson, DNF; Aidan McNeil & Sam Martin-Chase, DNF

Masters Men K-1: Derek Crawford, 30.94; Doug Linton, 33.16

Masters Women K-1: Kelly Dory, 34.56; Tami Swartz, 47.69

Masters Men SUP: Doug Linton, 58.65; Jon Jonsson, 59.65

Masters Women SUP: Barb Fydell, 56.16; Kelly Dory, 1:00.25; Colleen O'Neil, 1:02.66

Masters Men C-1: John Carswell, 40:54; Connor Linton, 57.81; Doug Linton, DNF

Masters Women OC-1: Kelly Dory, 45.50; Barb Fydell, 47.91; Colleen O'Neil, 52.87; Tami Swartz, 1:02.85

Another season has passed

Awards, Socialscoop1968

The Collingwood Dragon Boat and Canoe Club celebrated the 2013 season with its Annual General Meeting at the home of Bud and Sue Christensen on Friday, Nov. 22. Outgoing Commodore Brian Saunderson highlighted the achievements of the club, not only during this past year, but also the 10 seasons that the club has now been on the water, under his leadership.

In recognition of his contributions to the development of the club, incoming Commodore Ian Adams unveiled a new Builder's Award - the Brian G. Saunderson Builders Award - and acknowledged Saunderson as the first recipient.

The Paddlers of the Year award was presented to Nadine Oliynyk and Sam Martin-Chase in the youth category; Kelly Dory was the master women's paddler of the year, while Saunderson and Adams were the master mens' paddlers of the year.