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Thursdays of Thunder

2016 CDBCC Club Champions

Awards, Thursdays of Thunderscoop1968

The 2016 Collingwood Dragon Boat and Canoe Club championships were held Aug. 28, 2016. U11 Boys K-1: Adam Jonsson, 38.87; Jack Bailey, DNF

U11 Boys OC-1: Adam Jonsson, 59.41; Jack Bailey, 1:10.91

U11 Boys K-2: Adam Jonsson & Jack Bailey, 42.40

U13 Boys K-1: Noah Jonsson, 34.18; Aidan McNeil, 35.62; Adam Jonsson, 38.97

U13 Girls K-1: Kai Bailey, 45.75

U13 Boys K-2: Noah Jonsson & Aidan McNeil, 34.54

U13 Boys OC-1: Aidan McNeil, 1:06.28; Noah Jonsson, DQ

U13 Boys C-1: Noah Jonsson, 56.56; Aidan McNeil, 1:26.75

U15 Boys K-1: Sam Martin-Chase, 31.40; Adam Bailey, 35.06

U15 Girls K-1: Nadine Oliynyk, 33.16

U15 Boys OC-1: Sam Martin-Chase, 50.37; Adam Bailey, 53.91

U15 Girls OC-1: Nadine Oliynyk, 44.41

U15 Boys K-2: Adam Bailey & Sam Martin-Chase, 35.53

U15 Girls K-2: Nadine Oliynyk & Kai Bailey, 35.47

U15 Boys C-2: Noah Jonsson & Adam Jonsson, DNF; Aidan McNeil & Sam Martin-Chase, DNF

Masters Men K-1: Derek Crawford, 30.94; Doug Linton, 33.16

Masters Women K-1: Kelly Dory, 34.56; Tami Swartz, 47.69

Masters Men SUP: Doug Linton, 58.65; Jon Jonsson, 59.65

Masters Women SUP: Barb Fydell, 56.16; Kelly Dory, 1:00.25; Colleen O'Neil, 1:02.66

Masters Men C-1: John Carswell, 40:54; Connor Linton, 57.81; Doug Linton, DNF

Masters Women OC-1: Kelly Dory, 45.50; Barb Fydell, 47.91; Colleen O'Neil, 52.87; Tami Swartz, 1:02.85

2015 Club Champions

Thursdays of Thunderscoop1968

The Collingwood Dragon Boat and Canoe Club hosted its annual club championships on Sunday, Aug. 23. U13 Girls K-1: Nadine Oliynyk (37.33); Quinn Czerny (1:18.60)

U13 Girls K-2: Nadine Oliynyk & Quinn Czerny (42.56)

U13 Boys K-1: Adam Bailey (40.26); Noah Jonsson (41.94); Oliver Czerny (58.65)

U13 Boys K-2: Adam Bailey & Oliver Czerny (45.00)

U13 Boys OC-1: Adam Bailey (56.88); Noah Jonsson (1:08.47)

U15 Girls K-1: Sofia Czerny (50.03); Emmanuelle Adamson (55.03)

U15 Girls K-2: Emmanuelle Adamson & Sofia Czerny (56.40)

U15 Girls OC-1: Emmanuelle Adamson (52.06); Sofia Czerny (1:04.06)

Masters Women K-1: Kelly Dory (33.19); Barb Fydell (52.44); Janet Adams (53.75)

Masters Women K-2: Kelly Dory & Nadine Oliynyk (33.03); Barb Fydell & Laura Clemenhagen (42.31)

Masters Women OC-1: Kelly Dory (46.12); Barb Fydell (53.94); Laura Clemenhagen (54.81); Janet Adams (1:07.56)

Masters Women C-1: Laura Clemenhagen (42.44)

Masters Women SUP: Barb Fydell (1:04.00); Laura Clemenhagen (1:08.40); Kelly Dory (1:14.28)

Masters Men K-1: Derek Crawford (28.56); Chris Skelton (32.40); Yevgen Oliynyk (42.40)

Masters Men K-2: Doug Linton & Brian Saunderson (32.34); Derek Crawford & Ian Adams (35.25); Chris Skelton & Yevgen Oliynyk (36.38)

Masters Men OC-1: Brian Saunderson (39.56); Chris Skelton (40.09); Yevgen Oliynyk (41.38); Doug Linton (41.84); Ian Adams (42.12)

Masters Men C-1: Brian Saunderson (34.31); Doug Linton (37.50); Ian Adams (43.12); John Carswell (47.53)

Masters Men C-2: Brian Saunderson & Doug Linton (35.09); John Carswell & Ian Adams (42.75)

Masters Men SUP: Brian Saunderson (46.56); Derek Crawford (52.91); Yevgen Oliynyk (54.43); Chris Skelton (56.97); Doug Linton (1:13.90)

Masters Mixed K-2: Kelly Dory & Brian Saunderson (29.84); Barb Fydell & Derek Crawford (35.63); Laura Clemenhagen & Chris Skelton (36.16)

Masters Mixed C-2: Laura Clemenhagen & Ian Adams (38.81); Kelly Dory & Brian Saunderson (43.53); Barb Fydell & John Carswell (1:20.09)

August is almost here!

Open House, Social, Thursdays of Thunderscoop1968

This summer is just flying past! Just a few items to update members on as we approach the end of the season.CLUB REGATTA & POTLUCK: The club will be hosting its annual club championships, along with a potluck dinner, on Aug. 23. The racing will begin at 1, with dinner starting around 6. The day should be a great opportunity to have fun on the water, and socialize with your fellow club members. The divisions this year are: Masters; U-19; U-17; U-15; U-13; U-11. Categories are: Open Kayak (K-1, K-2); Baumier Kayak; Outrigger Canoe; Canoe (C-1, C-2); SUP. We will be racing Open, Women, and Mixed (for team boats). In order to try and make the day as orderly as possible, please email Commodore Scoop at if you intend to race so we can develop a start list. We will also need volunteers to assist with marshaling, timing, starting, and safety boat. You can also email to advise what you will be bringing for the potluck. OPEN PADDLE: Did you know the club is open most weekday evenings from 5:30 until 7, and on Sundays from 4 until 6? It's a great opportunity hang out at the boathouse, and maybe try out a boat that you might not otherwise paddle. The commodore's challenge to members this month is to come out at least one night a week through August, other than a dragon boat practice, in order to get out on the water. Remember - it's your club. Make the most of your membership! WHAT CAN YOU DO FOR YOUR CLUB IN THE FUTURE?: The board of directors will have an opening this fall; as we head towards our Annual General Meeting later this year, we want to encourage our members to consider stepping up and working with the board. It doesn't even need to be a directorship; the club is always looking for its members to volunteer to organize social activities, and help with communications. The next time you're at the boathouse, feel free to chat with a director about how you might like to help out the club!

Thursdays of Thunder - 2009 champions and runners-up

Thursdays of Thunderscoop1968

On Thursday, the winners of the 2009 Thursdays of Thunder Masters sprint paddling series were recognized.
Men's OC-1
1st: Brian Saunderson
2nd: Ian Whitton
3rd: Doug Linton

Women's OC-1
1st: Christine Linton
2nd: Leslie Whitton
3rd: Kelly Dory

Men's K-1
1st: Mark Shouldice
2nd: Brian Saunderson
3rd: Ian Whitton

Women's K-1
1st: Kelly Dory
2nd: Christine Linton
3rd: Leslie Whitton

Men's C-1
1st: Brian Saunderson
2nd: Doug Linton
3rd: John Carswell